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Logic professor irradiates self for fun and profit

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“What, so now a female philosopher can’t solve the P versus NP problem without irradiating herself first?” indignant readers ask

"I love logic thiiiiis much"

Like most philosophers, Jennifer McAdams refined a little uranium on the side.  She never intended it to go too far; just a little fission in her garage, as a challenge, and maybe to keep down the electricity bill.  Of course, things did go too far.  The professor of logic and computer science mistook a drum of yellowcake for, well, yellow cake, and the rest is history.  Or it will be soon, anyway.

McAdams quickly realized the identity of the yellow powdery stuff, but not before exposing herself to dangerous levels of radiation.  At first she felt sick, all day and all night.  After a few days, however, the nausea was present only when McAdams was grading her students’ problem sets.  While she had often felt this way while grading student work in the past, McAdams soon noticed that the feeling came and went according to whether the proof she was grading was invalid or not.

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February 25, 2012 at 10:07 pm

Photos on BU professor’s website cause stir

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Professor Siegel in one of the controversial photographs removed from his academic website this week

“If he wants to be an international arms dealer, there’s really nothing we can do about that—but don’t put that kind of thing on a course website”

The philosophy blogosphere erupted in protest this week over photographs posted by Boston University philosophy professor Ken Siegel on a website for his applied ethics course.  The photographs depict Siegel posing with guns, explosives and even armored cars.

Clearly, Siegel isn’t your average university professor.  He’s also an international arms dealer.  While he can be found in Boston during the workweek, on most weekends Siegel flies to Central or South America to peddle small arms to gangs and paramilitary groups.  The photos are apparently from a shoot Siegel did with Guns & Ammo magazine as part of their “Campus Heat” series.

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February 24, 2012 at 7:23 am