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Children’s philosophy book series cancelled

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Jimmy Becker’s parents say he hasn’t been the same since he started reading Random House’s Philosophy for Kids series.

Jimmy Becker is a curious and determined eight-year-old.  That determination, however, is getting him into trouble.  “What’s the point of life if everything I do is already fixed by the laws of nature and prior conditions?”  His mother lets out a sigh.

“He’s been talking like this ever since he read that book,” says Ms. Becker.  “That book” is Billiards, Bugs and Brains, part of the Philosophy for Kids series from Random House.  With brightly colored pictures and monosyllabic words, Billiards explores the deterministic behavior of the natural world, including the world of human thought and action.

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Written by fauxphilnews

May 6, 2012 at 2:52 pm