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APA dissolution effort enters second year

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"The APA has a group mind with an unrelenting conative will. No APA member wants the APA to continue, but the APA wants the APA to continue." - Philip Pettit

It was one year ago this week that the APA membership voted to dissolve the profession’s largest organization.  Since then, membership has continued to climb, the central office has added several staff, and the number of committees and sub-committees has exploded.  “It’s surreal,” says Peter Ludlow, who helped spark the move to disincorporate.  “I keep waiting to wake up.”

“It turns out that shutting down a 112 year-old corporation is a lot of work,” explains David Shrader, executive director of the APA.  “Not only is there the paperwork, but we have to find homes for all the historical documents the Association has accumulated, make sure PhilJobs is ready to fully replace Jobs for Philosophers, and generally ensure a smooth transition from obsolescence to nonexistence.”  And those things take time, Shrader says.  Time, and apparently money; to fund the various shut-down projects and pay for the assistance of corporate lawyers, the APA has continued to add new members to its rolls and has even raised membership dues, a measure Shrader describes as “temporary.”

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February 24, 2012 at 8:26 pm