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Magical Gourmet Report: House Prefects

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From the quill of Eli Shupe (Intern at the Ministry of Magic)

If your Philosophy Department were a Hogwarts House, which one would it be? The results of the survey are in! Here are the House Prefects, i.e. the schools most strongly affiliated with the four Hogwarts Houses. Like all the most important announcements, this one comes in the form of commemorative desktop wallpaper.


Congratulations to…

MIT (classified by 45% of respondents as Ravenclaw)

Brown University (48% Hufflepuff)

University of North Carolina (31% Gryffindor)

New York University (62% Slytherin)

Gryffindor was the most popular self-affiliation, proving the truism that everyone is the hero of their own life story.

Thanks to Kieran Healy, we also have the following principal components analysis. (Note: Due to a mishap with a Time-Turner, Dr. Healy is unable to join us in the present. His analysis reflects the survey results as of December 2015.)



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